Date(s) - 17/07/2021 - 24/07/2021

Marina Kremik, Primosten (HR)

See below a short description of the RYA Day Skipper / Competent Crew courses

RYA Competent Crew

Choose the RYA Competent Crew course if you are a beginner with very limited or no sailing experience at all. You will learn the fundamentals of crewing a yacht. Essential knots, nautical terms, sail handling and helming just to start with. We will also navigate in the traditional way, using lighthouses and conspicuous points to fix a position on the chart. You will take an active part in all manoeuvres, including mooring, anchoring, navigating etc. Part of the program is also to learn how to operate flares, lifejackets, safety harnesses, liferafts. You will assist the skipper to recover a man overboard and participate in at least four hours of night time sailing.

RYA Day Skipper

Choose the RYA Day Skipper course instead if you have already sailing experience and would like to get your own skipper license. You will practice all the fundamentals manoeuvres of running a sailing yacht. Hoisting and dousing sails, reefing, tacking and gybing, anchoring and picking up a buoy. Mooring and leaving a pontoon under engine will also be practised extensively. You will be in charge of the manoeuvre to recover a man overboard with the help of your crew and you will plan and execute a night time sailing passage of at least four hours. IMPORTANT! In order to be able to charter a boat, you will also need an SRC marine radio license. You can take our online course by signing up HERE and then take the exam when you join us at our base in Croatia. White Wake Sailing - competent crew / day skipper The RYA Day Skipper / Competent Crew courses always take place at the same time. It is a great learning opportunity for participants of both courses: Competent Crew candidates are able to see and support more experienced sailors, whilst Day Skipper candidates learn how to manage less experienced crew.

Day Skipper / Competent Crew - Location & time

Start: Saturday at 16:00 End: Saturday at 9:00 (possibility to leave already on the Friday evening)
Marina Kremik, Primosten (HR) is conveniently located only 30 min drive from Split International Airport. Our courses start on the Saturday afternoon at 16:00, so you have plenty of time to fly or drive and arrive at the marina. And if your plane lands a bit later, it is no problem! We will return back to the marina on the Friday afternoon, and we will first enjoy a drink together to celebrate and debrief the achievements of the week. Afterwards we will have time for a shower, chill and then you are free to either leave or stay for dinner together with the rest of the crew and leave on the Saturday morning by 9:00


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Day Skipper € 1.099,00
Competent Crew € 1.099,00