Our sailing cruises are designed to offer a wider range of sailing trips. One of the aims is to enhance your skills and complete your skipper development.
Achieving a skipper license is only the beginning of your sailing adventures. For some people, cruising amidst the islands or along the coast after you have taken your Day Skipper license is the ultimate objective. For some others, the aim is to leave land behind and travel a bit further offshore. One can’t say that one option is better than the other.
They are two different things, complementary to one another, and require a slightly different skills-set and preparation.
All cruises are led by an RYA instructor or a very experienced skipper, and whilst they are not official sailing courses, you are more than welcome to challenge yourself to try new things, ask the skipper to explain new tricks, and ultimately improve your sailing experience. And if instead you just want to chill and savour the fresh air and the scenery, well that is absolutely no problem.

Please note, these trips are NOT RYA sanctioned initiatives!

How to book

Scroll the list of our cruises in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, click on the individual cruises to review the program and get more details about it, and proceed with the booking process.

Here is a list of our upcoming cruises and offshore trips:

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Sailing cruises – Our partners

In order to cater to a brader range of needs, we have also partnered with selected professional companies and skippers to offer a variety of long-distance sailing cruises. Whether you want the thrill of sailing at night, or ride the long ocean waves, below you will find a variety of options to choose from, all tried and tested!

CS sailing

Stefan Nickol is a seasoned Yachtmaster Offshore and RYA Cruising Instructor. During the Covid lockdown, he sailed his boat alone from the Canary Island back to Greece. That should say it all about his skippering skills…
Whether cruising along the greek islands, chilling in the Caribbean, or dealing with the ocean swell during one of the long passages, you will be in good hands and will surely learn a lot.