RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship (online)

Who is it for?

The RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship online course is designed to deliver the fundamentals of the theory required to be a skipper. The online course can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and you can go through it at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.



RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship – What do you get?

This online course will help you to understand and learn the fundamentals of theory required by a skipper. Chart navigation, rules of the road (Colregs), signs and signals, safety, anchoring.

The course is administered through the RYA portal and is divided into modules and you can stop and restart at any time, with a short quiz at the end of each module for you to test your understanding. The total study time is approx 10 hours. The access to the online platform is granted for a year and for an unlimited number of hours. After taking this course you will:

– understand the basics of chart navigation, plotting a position, recognising marks and their meaning

– understand the key regulations to avoid collisions at sea, rules of the road, etc.

– know the lights and shapes of the most common vessels and the appearance and light sequence of the most important signs and signals, including cardinal marks, lateral marks, etc.

– obtain the certificate of successfully attending the RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship course


299 Euro

What’s included (RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship):

The training package includes:
– RYA essential navigation booklet
– 2 RYA training charts for the exercises
– Exercise booklet
– Breton Plotter
– Divider
– Downloadable training almanac

Should you have problems with the course or require assistance to go through some of the modules, you can easily call us (+43 664 88360842) or send us an email (info@white-wake.com) and we will help you to get through

How to book:

Simply click on the button below, fill out the order form and choose your method of payment. Upon successful payment you will receive a confirmation of your purchase with the access codes to the online course. We will also send you the training pack via normal post, so please allow for a few days to get to you