RYA Day Skipper

Who is it for?

The RYA Day Skipper practical course is designed to build on your existing sailing experience, consolidate your practical skills and knowledge, and obtain the RYA Day Skipper certificate. This will allow you to sail and charter a yacht basically anywhere in the world.
Please note you must be already able to sail confidently to enter the RYA Day Skipper course!

RYA Day Skipper – Minimum requirements

– Minimum age: 16 years old
– 100 miles on a yacht as an active crew member
– 5 days onboard
RYA Day Skipper theory knowledge or equivalent

Please note: These are the minimum requirements from the RYA, however, our experience tells us that more sailing experience than listed above is needed to successfully obtain the license! If you feel that you are a bit rusty, or haven’t sailed in a long time or are not certain about your skills, we recommend that you do the Day Skipper preparation week before, so we can bring you to the right level!

Important! This is a practical course, and whilst we will obviously go through many theory elements during the week, you must have studied the theory BEFORE you come and join this course. In your own interest, we ask that you complete the RYA Day Skipper theory course OR at a minimum the RYA Essential Navigation online course before you join us for the practical week.

Please take a few minutes to take this simple theory quiz, so you can check the level of your theory knowledge: GO TO QUIZ

And if you just need a book to start studying ahead of the course or refresh your knowledge, you can visit our SHOP and purchase a few items there.

Click HERE to get more details and sign up for the RYA Day Skipper theory online course.

What do you get?

The course will draw on your previous practical sailing knowledge and consolidate those skills to enable you to take charge and confidently skipper a yacht. The course is designed to provide a lot of practice both under sail and under engine so that you build a routine when executing the key maneuvers.
By the end of the week, you will:

Day Skipper training - White Wake Sailing
Credits: Harry Smith

– build your knowledge and confidence in planning and executing the various maneuvers under sail and under power

– be able to plan a daily passage taking into account weather and crew safety

– become a confident skipper, ready to take charge of a sailing yacht

– obtain the RYA Day Skipper license

– have sailed among the most beautiful waters and bays in Croatia

– have made lifelong friends!

How to book

Check out the list of the courses in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, scroll down until you find the date that suits you, and click on it to start the booking process

RYA Day Skipper – Program

You will practice all the fundamental maneuvers of running a sailing yacht. Hoisting and dousing sails, reefing, tacking and gybing, anchoring and picking up a buoy. You will also practice how to navigate in the traditional way, using lighthouses and conspicuous points to fix your position on the chart, by day and by night. Mooring and leaving a pontoon under engine will also be practiced extensively.
You will be in charge of the maneuver to recover a man overboard and plan and execute a nighttime sailing passage of at least four hours.
You will spend the week aboard the yacht, visiting many beautiful bays and harbours in Croatia.

With a maximum of 5 students per yacht, your instructors can devote plenty of time to your needs and focus the program on the areas you need most.


There is no formal exam to obtain the Day Skipper certificate. The instructor will follow your progress during the week, provide you with regular feedback through what is called ‘continuous assessment’, and constantly adapt the action plan to cover any gaps. At the end of the week, there will be a final one-to-one debrief, by which point the outcome should not be a surprise to anyone.

If successful, you will be awarded the RYA Day Skipper Certificate!

IMPORTANT! In order to be able to charter or sail a yacht at sea, you will also need to have the SRC Marine Radio license.
You can book our online course HERE, then take the exam at our training centre in Croatia


From 999 to 1,199 Euro, depending on the season

What’s included and what is not:


  • 6 full days tuition from an RYA qualified instructor
  • Accommodation in a shared cabin onboard a modern yacht
  • RYA Day Skipper practical Handbook
  • Linens & towels, and final boat cleaning
  • Free Wi-Fi onboard!
  • Marina fees at home port
  • RYA Day Skipper certificate (if successful)


  • Food and drinks (also for the instructor)
  • Marina / anchorage fees outside of home port
  • Diesel and Croatian tourist tax (approx 20 Euro p/p)
  • Travel to/from Primosten

Location & time

Start: Saturday at 16:00
End: Friday at 15:00
possibility to leave already on the Friday evening

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Marina Kremik, Primosten (HR) is conveniently located only 30 min drive from Split International Airport.

Since our courses start on the Saturday afternoon at 16:00, you have plenty of time to fly or drive and arrive at the marina. And if your plane lands a bit later, it is no problem!
We will return back to the marina on the Friday afternoon, and we will first enjoy a drink together to celebrate and debrief the achievements of the week.

Afterwards we will have time for a shower, chill and then you are free to either leave or stay for dinner together with the rest of the crew and leave on the Saturday morning by 9:00

How to book

Scroll the list of the courses in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, choose the date that suits you, and click on it to start the booking process

For a detailed description of the RYA Day Skipper Syllabus click HERE