About us

A few words about us: our team simply loves the sea and the oceans! Sailing is just the best way to stay in close contact with nature, and we simply love what we do. All of our passionate and patient sailing instructors have been trained by the RYA. They have a wealth of experience to help you get the best out of your course and they have been selected with two main criteria in mind:

– Their professional qualifications (all are at minimum qualified as RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, and have sailed and taught for thousands of miles).

– Their passion for what they do: we all just love being on the water! Transferring our passion to anyone willing to learn or join in is what keeps us going!

Professional yet easy-going, their passion for sailing is contagious!

Our Story

The story of White Wake Sailing is a relatively recent one, since it was officially founded in 2018. Its team however has been teaching and operating at sea long before then.
Franco is the passion and soul behind it. After 24 years of working around the world as an executive in food multinationals, it was time for a change, so he went back to his passion, neglected for too long due to other priorities, and started his own school.
We are neither a ‘license factory’, nor a military operation but simply a school with a clear set of ethical standards, an eye for the environment, and a definitive commitment to spreading the love for sailing.
The feedback received from our students so far is very motivating, and it seems to be telling us that we are going in the right direction.
You can read our students’ reviews HERE.

About us: meet the team

Franco Del Fabbro – Principal & Chief Instructor

Franco Del Fabbro - White Wake Sailing

Nationality: Italian

Spoken languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish

RYA qualifications:

Yachtmaster Instructor

Yachtmaster Ocean

SRC / VHF Assessor

Shorebased Navigation Instructor

Other Qualifications:

FB3 Austrian License

Franco loves to sit by the wheel on the lee side of the yacht and feel the water splash by. You will get used to hearing him saying ‘sloooowly!’ when maneuvering…

Elisa Carraro – Sailing Instructor

Nationality: Italian

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Spanish

RYA qualifications:

Cruising Instructor

Yachtmaster Ocean

Shorebased Navigation Instructor

SRC Assessor

Other Qualifications:

Italian sailing license – no limits

CONI sailing instructor, 2nd level

PhD in Aquatic Ecology

Elisa only drinks proper Italian coffee, so make sure your galley is properly stocked up. Elisa cares a lot for the environment and she always carries her fishing net with her, so no floating piece of plastic gets left out at sea. A good excuse for an extra ‘Plastic-over-Board’ exercise….

Elisa Carraro - White Wake Sailing

Mark Coombe – Sailing Instructor

Mark Coombe - White Wake sailing

Nationality: British

Spoken languages: English, French

RYA qualifications:
Yachtmaster Instructor Sail and Power
Yachtmaster Offshore
Shorebased Navigation Instructor
SRC / VHF Assessor


PADI Scuba Instructor

At home on munohulls as well as big (and we mean BIG!) catamarans, there is nothing in relation to the sea that mark has not had something to do with…

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