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Day Skipper quiz

Test your knowledge with these 10 theory questions. The quiz is aimed at holders of an RYA Day Skipper certificate or equivalent. Select your answer and move onto the next question. At the end of the quiz you will see how you scored and you will be able to review the correct answers.

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What additional lights does a pilot vessel show whilst on duty?

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What is the recommended amount of chain that should be paid out when anchoring in 6m deep water?

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What is the apparent wind?

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What is the angle of visibility (in degrees) of each of the navigation lights at the bow?

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How long is a nautical mile, in meters?

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You hear three horn blasts from a big vessel. What is she communicating?

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What is the name of the fog that typically forms at sea?

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What is this mark called?

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In what instance would a vessel show these day shapes?

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What happens to the wind after a cold front has passed (Northern hemisphere)

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