Day Skipper Theory Quiz

Test your knowledge with these 10 theory questions. The quiz is aimed at those planning to join us for an RYA Day Skipper practical course.
This is NOT an admission test, it is meant for you to check your theory knowledge and identify any gaps, so they can be filled before you join us for the practical week. Remember, whilst we will put into practice all the necessary theory notions, there will be little time to actually study the theory from scratch!
Fill in your name and email and click on Start. Select your answer and move onto the next question. At the end of the quiz you will see how you scored and you will be able to review the correct answers.

You have 3 minutes to complete the quiz, which is more than enough, given the nature of the questions. A Timer will be shown at the top of the quiz.

Enjoy it!

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Day Skipper - pre test

Hi, welcome to our quiz page, where you can informally test your knowledge before attending one of our courses. Please fill out the information below:

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What is the recommended amount of chain that should be paid out when anchoring in 6m deep water?

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What vessel would show these lights at night?

NUC underway - White Wake Sailing

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What is a vessel showing these signs wanting to communicate?

distress - white wake sailing

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What is this mark called?

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Which vessel is Stand-on and why?

stb over port - White Wake sailing

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What does the writing and numbers inside the compass rose indicate?

compass rose - white wake sailing

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In what instance would a vessel show these day shapes?

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What is the angle of visibility (in degrees) of each of the navigation lights at the bow?

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What is the apparent wind?

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You hear three horn blasts from a big vessel. What is she communicating?

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