Date(s) - 23/10/2021 - 30/10/2021

Marina Kremik, Primosten (HR)

Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal

The Yachtmaster Offsore/Coastal prep week is a challenging course for experienced skippers wanting to develop their skills further. It is also an essential qualification for professional skippers wanting to work in the maritime industry.


The five days of preparation for the Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal will be very intense, with lots of practice, one or two night sails with pilotage into unknown harbours, and continuing to refresh your theory knowledge. It is important for you to know that the basic preparation needs to be already there and that these days will be used to refresh it and refine it. There will be no time to fill major gaps in your boat handling skills, navigation techniques, etc. At the end of the Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal prep week, you will sit the exam.

White Wake Sailing - Yachtmaster Offshore

To sit the Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal exam you will also need a recognized First Aid certificate and an internationally recognized SRC radio license, which you can obtain HERE

Yachtmaster Offshore/Coastal - What’s included and what is not:

Included: – 5 days tuition from an RYA qualified instructor – 2 days availability of the yacht for the exam – Examiner’s travel costs – Linens & towels, final boat cleaning, Marina fees at home port


– Food and drinks (also for the instructor and examiner) – Marina / anchorage fees outside of home port – Diesel and Croatian tourist tax (approx 20 Euro p/p) – YM Coastal / Offshore exam fee (currently 193, resp. 224 GBP), payable directly to the RYA

Location & time Location: Marina Kremik, Primosten Start: Saturday at 14:00 End: Saturday at 9:00 Course type: Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore


The course / event is fully booked