Norway – Arctic Circle Master

Who is it for?

These adventure cruises are designed for all those eager to get some experience beyond the classic sailing areas and explore the far north of Norway. You will be sailing well north of the Polar Arctic Circle, in tidal waters and enjoy stunning sceneries and breathtaking views.

Norway – Arctic Circle Master – Minimum requirements


What do you get?

The cruise starts and ends in Tromso, located at latitude 69 deg 65′ N, which is 3 degrees or 350 km further North of the polar arctic circle!
By the end of the week, you will:

Norway - White Wake Sailing
Credits: Marco Rossi

– have been sailing in northern Norway, onboard a safe and properly kitted yacht under the lead of an expert skipper

– enjoy stunning sceneries, breathtaking views, wild fauna and maybe also the northern lights (October), for sure it will be an unforgettable experience

– a complete switch off from modern, hectic life, immersed in the wild nature, well north of the arctic circle

How to book

Check out the list of the cruises in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, scroll down until you find the cruise and date that suits you, and click on it to start the booking process

Norway – Arctic Circle Master – Program

We will meet and greet at the boat, purchase the food and drinks for the week and go through a detailed safety briefing and the likely plan for the week (the weather has always the last word!). Depending upon the weather forecast and your level of tiredness after the journey to get there, we will leave immediately or maybe the next day.
Remember that during the summer months, there is always light, so we can sail well into the evening/night in complete safety.

Depending upon wind and weather conditions, we may sail to Fugloya, the birds’ islands, basically inaccessible with its vertical shores or Vannoya, a 40 km long mountain range that gently slips into an emerald green sea, full of bays and sheltered harbours where spotting otaries or reindeers is the norm.
Arnoya or Kagen are also possible destinations, one more beautiful than the other, each one with its own charm and specific features.

Norway - White Wake Sailing

Depending on the vessel, you will be sailing with a max. of 4 or 6 guests (plus the skipper), so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the experience to the full, helping out with sailing the boat, or enjoying the scenery whilst underway.

Have a look at the video below, just to get a sense of the scenery you will be sailing amidst…


We are offering two options, one at the beginning of June and one in October.
JUNE: this cruise has the advantage of a lot (too many?!?) hours of light, the sun basically never sets, and of course, the temperatures are more comfortable.
OCTOBER: During this period the temperature will be ‘fresher’, however there is a good chance to enjoy the northern lights and there will be an increased presence of sea mammals (whales, orcas, etc).

The Yacht and the Skipper

The yachts are a Swan 44 and a Delia 40, properly kitted with all necessary safety gear. Accomodation will be in a shared double cabin or in the saloon.
One of the skippers will be Marco, an Italian who has been living in Norway for many years, and knows the area like his pockets. His sailing experience is too long to describe here, but having sailed and explored Cape Horn should already sum it up…
The other skipper is Franco, principal and chief instructor of White Wake Wailing.


1,199 Euro

What’s included and what is not:


  • 7 days onboard a sailing yacht with a professional skipper
  • Accommodation in a shared cabin or in the saloon
  • final boat cleaning


  • Food and drinks, also for the skipper (approx 200 euro/week)
  • Diesel and mooring fees
  • Travel to/from Tromso

What to bring (on top of the standard stuff):

  • Warm clothes (in layers), wet weather gear, sailing boots, a warm hat, gloves
  • A sleeping bag with its sheets
  • Curiosity, good vibes, willingness to learn and explore

Location & time

Start: Friday afternoon, after 12:00
End: next Friday in the morning
If you wonder why it is not a classic saturday to saturday trip, this has to do with cheaper and better availability of flights to/from Tromso airport.

How to book

Scroll the list of the cruises in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, choose the cruise and date that suits you, and click on it to start the booking process