Who is it for?

Skippering a boat whilst on holiday is one thing, taking part in a regatta is a completely different experience. The thrill of the minutes before the start signal, the constant focus to gain that extra bit of speed, the excitement when crossing the finish line….
These regattas are aimed at sailors with already some mileage under their belts, wishing to improve their skills and live through an unforgettable experience

Regattas – Minimum requirements

You will need to have sailed already, know the terminology and be able to move around the boat with a reasonable level of independence

What do you get?

The packages are different, depending upon the regatta. You will meet a few days before the regatta and take part in some training to familiarise yourself with the vessel and the rest of the crew. In some cases, there may be a delivery trip involved, to reach the start point of the regatta.
By the end of the week, you will have:

Regatta - White Wake Sailing

– experienced the thrill of an international offshore regatta onboard a fast and performing vessel.

– greatly improved your skills at sea, playing an active role in the running of the vessel, trimming sails, helming and more

– put a few hundred miles of serious sailing under your belt

– have made great new friends

How to book

Check out the list of the regattas in the box to the right (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile) of the page, scroll down until you find the race that suits you, and click on it to start the booking process

Regattas – Program

The program will vary depending on the regatta. Some will include a few days of training ahead of the actual race, while others will foresee a ‘transfer’ to the start location, during which you will get familiar with the vessel.

You will meet on Saturday afternoon, review the detailed program for the week and the weather forecast with the skipper, and go to the shop for provisioning. We will then go through the safety briefing, discuss the watch system, and start familiarising yourselves with the yacht. Departure will most likely be the next day, maybe including some stops on the way, or coming back to the marina after some training. 

You will be staying onboard a performance vessel, either a More 40, a Sun Fast 3600, or a Salona 44, depending upon the regatta, all of them with a Gennaker or Spinnaker.

With a maximum of 6 people per yacht plus the skipper/instructor, there will be plenty of time for you to steer, join in all the activities and learn along the way.

Please note that these are NOT RYA courses or programs and the program may vary considerably due to wind and weather conditions!


from 900 to 1,200 Euro, depending on the regatta

What is included and what is not


  • 7 days onboard a sailing yacht with a professional skipper/RYA instructor
  • Accommodation in a shared double cabin
  • Bed linen and towels
  • final boat cleaning
  • Race entry fee
  • Marina fees at home port


  • Food and drinks, also for the skipper (approx 200 euro/week)
  • Diesel and potentially mooring fees
  • Travel to/from start/finish, depending upon the regatta

Location & Time

Start: Saturday afternoon, after 14:00
End: Depends upon the regatta

How to Book

Scroll the list of regattas in the box to the right (Desktop) or at the bottom of the page (Mobile), choose the one that suits, click on it and start the booking process